“To provide quality dental education of the highest international standards and contribute towards the progress and development of national oral healthcare provision through health promotion, disease prevention and care by the education and training of skilled, competent, ethical, and caring dental professionals.”
“To excel internationally and particularly in the Middle East as a prestigious institute and centre of reference for dental education in a research informed environment through the utilisation of modern technology, an evidence-based curriculum and contemporary techniques that nurture skilled and caring dental professionals who value lifelong learning and fulfil patient expectations.”
The Values of ODC are embedded in the College’s ethos represented by the Latin words Opus, Discere, Credo (Work, Learn, Believe)
ODC is committed to contributing to excellence in:
Work – providing tertiary education and competence training
Learn – creating academic and clinical learning environments in which students excel
Believe – developing and qualifying students as competent dental surgeons who believe in continuing professional development throughout their practicing lives