“Research plays an important role in our clinical and academic activities. Our vision is to foster collaborative research initiatives that are aligned with the Sultanate’s commitment to achieving research excellence and to promoting the health and well-being of the Omani people…” – Dr Nutayla Al Harthy, Dean of ODC


Oman Dental College is committed to furthering an implementation agenda aimed towards reducing all aspects of oral disease, and the promotion of dental public health. The college is also committed to the pursuit of ‘Evidence Based Dentistry’ in the Sultanate, including the delivery of research-led pedagogical approaches combined with the provision of clinically effective dental care delivered in a research supportive environment.


We are currently preparing to undertake dental epidemiological surveys in the Sultanate of Oman, and probe into the Omani patient’s perceptions towards dental treatment. As part of this, we have initiated collaborative research efforts with other universities and academic institutions around the world, in particular with our affiliate, the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and King’s College London.. Similarly, we will collaborate with local institutions and bodies across the Sultanate including the Ministry of Health and the Royal Oman Police to strengthen our bids, believing firmly that the collaborative approach produces superior results.

Research in Oman Dental College is currently arranged under three main themes:

  • Oral epidemiological research
  • Dental care trends
  • Perceptions of oral health

Within these themes, a wide variety of individual and collaborative research projects is being initiated.

Providing a venue for student-led research activities can be an excellent path for students to build their professional portfolio, and to build momentum for academic journal publishing later in their careers.

Our long-term aims include implementing a strategy to help guide dental health providers on how to improve dental treatment outcomes. This can, in turn, be promoted by local health organizations and institutions to inform new national ‘Evidence-Based’ dental protocols.