Clinical Excellence Award (Dr Saud Al Kharusi Award)

 This award is based on clinical performance of the graduate whilst student at ODC and it is granted to the student who has shown most dedication and professionalism in clinical practice, and also based on quantity, quality and variety of cases and procedures performed.

Academic Achievement Award

It is presented to graduates for their academic achievements over the duration of studying of the BDS Programme at ODC.

Academic Year



Dr Mohammad Majid Mohsin Zeinaldin


Dr Abdullah Mohammed Mansoor Al Bakri


Dr Fatima Zohra Dif 


Dr Afrah Salim Said Al Jabri 


Dr Khamis Mohammed Said Al Hasani


Dr Ruqaiya Said Salim Al Ghafri


Dr Juhina Abdullah Ali Al Balushi


Dr Ruqaiya Ahmed Ali Saleh Al-Ajmi


Dr Shadha Said Ali Al Mamari 


Dr Amani Mohamed Khalaf Al Jahwari


Dr Asma Ali Said Al Riyami

Academic Year

First/Joint First Prize 

(Gold Medal)

Second/Joint Second Prize 

(Silver Medal)

Third/Joint Third Prize 

(Bronze Medal)


Dr Azza Khalid Mohamed Al Shidhani

Dr Bushra Hassan Salim Al Farsi 

Dr Salaama Humaid Khalfan Al Mahrooqi 

Dr Adawia Khamis Harib Al Adawi

Dr  Zamazam Ali Hilal Al Qalhati 

Dr Shaima Mohammed Salim Al Harthi  

Dr Hiba Ali Abdul Redha Al Abduwani


Dr Sara Said Hamed Al Abri

Dr Fathiya Said Salim Al Zaabi

Dr Asma Sulaiman Moosa Al Balushi


Dr Marah Alae Naif Al Beine

Dr Khadira Said Mohammed Al Awaisi

Dr Thuriya Ali Saif Hamed Al Rashdi

Dr Lubna Juma Salim Al Mukhaini

Dr Noof Ali Fael Juma Al Araimi


Dr Umaima Juma Nasser Al Maskari

Dr Jawahir Fatima Muhammad Abbas

Dr Afrah Salim Said Al Jabri

Dr Amina Saleh Marhoon Al Salmi


Dr Buthina Ali Humaid Al Adawi

Dr Duaa Mohammed Abdul Hafidh Rashid

Dr Yahya Ahmed Zahir Al Shariyani

Dr Khamis Mohammed Said Al Hasani

Dr Amal Mubarak Hamed Al Wadi

Dr Omnia Hamid Mohammed Al Hasni

Dr Suhail Hamed Humaid Al Samari


Dr Raqiya Salim Mubarak Al Nahdi

Dr Huda Mohamed Nasser Al Rasbi

Dr Siham Said Abdullah Al Sheriqi

Dr Muzna Abdullah Dhawi Al Salmi

Dr Ashwaq Salim Juma Al Makhitali


Dr Noreen Mahmoud Mohamed Shaban

Dr Aisha Yousuf  Mohamed Al Balushi

Dr  Ayat Yahya Humaid Al Ramadhani

Dr  Marwa Issa Salman Al Faliti

Dr  Fatema Abdallah Darwish Al Risi


Dr Nilufa Akhter Nazim Uddin

Dr Reem Said Salim Al Mufarraji

Dr Mooza Masoud Obaid Al Hosni

Dr Sawsan Ali Ghuloom Shams

Dr  Saba Salim Said Al Amri


Dr Yara Hassan Al Matar

Dr Bayan Mohammed Abdullah Al Hajri

Dr Shahed Ahmed Amur Al Rahbi


Dr Leenah Ashraf Al Hinai

Dr Fathiya Fathy Al Mendhary

Dr Rayan Ali Zein Alabdin Omer


Dr Miral Osama Mohammed Bashir

Dr Isra Adil Hussain Al Balushi

Dr Thekra Ibrahim Saleh Al Hadhrami


Dr Maathar Mohamed Rashid Al Amri

Dr Shima Said Saud Al Busaidi

Dr Ebtihal Khamis Khalifa Al Abri

Dr Israa Mahmood Muslim Mahmood

Dr Ahmed Basheer Ali Al-Sadoon

“I am looking forward to seeing you as alumni, and as ODC goes from strength to strength we are expecting some of you to closely work with us helping to shape the young dentists of the future.”
Dr Nutayla Al Harthy
Dean of ODC

Our Ambassadors

You are part of an elite professional network of over 1,300 dentists in Oman. As a graduate of ODC we value your contribution in:

  • Joining our ODC Career focus group to help update on your professional experiences in clinical practice and postgraduate education
  • Mentoring undergraduate students
  • Joining our research team
  • Joining us in our volunteering activities (nationally and internationally)

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