ODC provides a high standard undergraduate programme of studies leading to the Bachelor of Dental Surgery Degree. This programme of studies consists of a five year BDS Degree Programme, preceded by a one year predental general Foundation Programme that follows contemporary approaches in international dental education in order to graduate and qualify competent dental surgeons who are able to commence independent practice as safe beginners on par with their international counterparts.

The ODC philosophy for its BDS Degree Programme is centred on the belief in having a stimulating, competency based student learning environment which is also adapted, where required, to suit the needs of the Sultanate of Oman.

The BDS Degree Programme curriculum at ODC is designed to meet both the European and British academic and professional standards as specified by the Academic Affiliate, in keeping with the UK General Dental Council and the Association for Dental Education in Europe. This approach and structure to the BDS Degree Programme has been verified and endorsed by the College’s high level International Advisory Panel, the Academic Affiliate and the Association for Dental Education Europe.