In the preclinical second year, the Oral and Dental Biological Sciences, Dental Biomaterials Science and Preclinical Dentistry are extensively covered together with General Pathology & Microbiology, Pharmacology & Therapeutics as well as the principles of Behavioural Sciences and Introductory Radiology. In Preclinical Dentistry there is emphasis on the student acquisition and development of clinical dental skills using patient simulators in the clinical skills laboratory supported by theoretical learning.

These preclinical components are intended to lead to a progressive understanding of the causes and mechanisms, clinical features, diagnoses and management of oral and dental diseases as well as the effects of systemic diseases on oral and dental tissues together with the importance of oral health promotion and oral disease prevention.

Successful completion of the preclinical aspects of the BDS programme is designed to provide a smooth and relatively seamless transition in preparation for the clinical part of the BDS programme.