30 December

إلتهاب اللثة

Deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of gum diseases. يتعامل مع الوقاية من أمراض اللثة وتشخيصها وعلاجها.

30 December

طب أسنان الأطفال

Deals with the dental care of infants, children and teenagers. This includes preventive dental care, habit counseling, early or interceptive orthodontic treatment, filling of decayed teeth, treatment of gum diseases …

30 December

ORTHODONTICS تقويم الأسنان

Orthodontic services is provided to both children and adults. Deals with the management of teeth and jaws irregularities ranging from prevention, use of braces to straighten teeth, correct bite problems, …

28 December

GENERAL DENTISTRY طب الأسنان العام

Routine dental care including scaling and polishing, fillings, crowns, bridges, implant restorations, and dentures are usually provided by the dental surgeons. عادة ما يتم توفير علاجات الأسنان الروتينية بما في …

URGENT CARE  الحالات الطارئة
28 December

URGENT CARE الحالات الطارئة

A limited number of urgent walk in urgent patients are seen each day. However, appointments are encouraged to avoid disappointment. يتم فحص الحالات العاجلة يوميا ، و لكننا نفضل أخذ …