Wadi Shab Hike

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Greetings ODC Trekkers! Fasten your seatbelts because you’re in for an incredible ride. We’re going to take you on a hike to Wadi Shab for your very first outing!

Wadi Shab, located just outside of Muscat, is a stunning canyon hike with crystal-clear water, hidden rock pools, camouflaged caves, and spectacular views. This stunning location is a two-hour hike with an end only accessible by swimming in the pools. Don’t worry, light-hearted trekkers, because we won’t be dipping our toes in the water; instead, we’ll just admire the beauty of the pools once we arrive. To keep those with a lion’s heart entertained, there is a point where you must cross a small river to get to the trail, so that’s something to look forward to. And guess what! Locals in small crafts will ferry you across to the other side. The adrenaline rush won’t last long though, as the craft ride is only a minute long. It won’t break the bank either, as they charge 1 OMR for the crossing, which includes your craft ride back when you’re done. Rumor has it that the people running the crafts will give you some local candy! Afterwards, the ascent takes about an hour and is fairly easy. You mostly follow the stream up; there is only one path and it is difficult to stray too far from it. While the trail isn’t particularly difficult, the rocks there are very slick and slippery, so make sure you’re wearing appropriate hiking shoes. Having said that, please bring a water bottle to stay hydrated and sunglasses to look fashionable.

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Start Time

5:45 am

October 21, 2022

Finish Time

12:00 am

October 21, 2022


Wadi Shab Hike